Are you an entrepreneur who feels that the pandemic knocked you a little off course? Today’s guest is an entrepreneur who says that your purpose isn’t about WHAT you are doing, but about your reasons for doing it.

Today I’m chatting to Nwabisa Mayema from The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship about the impact of COVID on entrepreneurship, and the innovative solutions they’re looking into.

Show Notes

[01.58] Changing course – an update from returning guest Nwabisa Mayema

[05.13] How to recognize the clues that point to your purpose

[07.58] When your purpose isn’t about WHAT you do, but rather WHY you do it

[10.53] Signs that you’re going the wrong way

[13.29] Insights in entrepreneurship

[16.42] The impact of COVID on entrepreneurs

[21.04] The advantages of growing your business in Africa

[27.07] A networking ‘hack’ and a comment on

[32.23] Looking to the future

[36.29] Leaving a legacy for entrepreneurs

[37.30] Debt as a tool

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“This doesn’t fall on your lap. However, it can feel a little bit easier (and maybe a little more seamless) if you dare to keep your ears and eyes open.” – Nwabisa Mayema

“Is it difficult to then change my circumstances? Not really. Because I’m still living out my purpose, and the vehicle has just changed.” – Nwabisa Mayema

“I don’t want us to get caught up in the narrative where when we change from one thing to the next it has to then be binary, where the change either needs to be better or worse. Change is change. Can you delight in that moment that you’re in for who you are and what serves you?” – Nwabisa Mayema

“Asking for help isn’t a judgment on your abilities.” – Nwabisa Mayema

“You can tell when a business is being grown with joy.” – Nwabisa Mayema

“What is a unicorn? It’s actually a very fancy donkey.” – Nwabisa Mayema