With only 24 hours in a day, would you like to scale your income without using more of your time? Nicolene Elhadad did just that, by taking her idea for a coffee shop, and growing it into a franchise of 20 stores (and counting)…

In today’s episode, Nicolene talks about how she did it, the importance of teaching people to do what you do (so that your business can run without you), simple mistakes small business owners make, plus some great tips on making more money INSTANTLY in your business today.

Show Notes

  • [00.59] From humble beginnings working out of their garage, Nicolene talks about how she and her husband started their business (the first of many), and the importance of being clear on your why’s.
  • [03.25]  When teaching people to do what you do opens the space for you to think BIGGER for your business.
  • [05.28] The start-up phase, hard work, becoming knowledgeable about your product, a woman in a mans world, and a tip for growing forward.
  • [09.49] From security to coffee…
  • [11.30] Starting a business, testing it, growing it.
  • [13.39] The road to a franchise.
  • [16.13] The pitfalls of franchising your business.
  • [18.14] A mental block. And the value of hiring people to help you run your business.
  • [21.57] Helping and coaching others to franchise their own businesses.
  • [23.19] The biggest mistake small business owners make, PLUS adding a new income stream to your business.
  • [25.51] Lessons in managing money, plus a GREAT tip on making more money INSTANTLY in your business today!

Learn more about Nicolene

To connect with Nicolene, simply email her. To join one of Nicolene’s supportive communities on Facebook, head over to Small Business Owners Multiply Your Income Through Multiple Locations or The Salon Society: How to MAKE MORE MONEY as a Hair & Beauty Salon Owner. Alternatively find her on Facebook.

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“One thing that we’ve always done before we start a business, is we really become very clear on what it is that we want.” – Nicolene Elhadad

“I believe you have to have fun all the way.” – Nicolene Elhadad

“Eventually you need to get into a place where the business can run without you being there 24/7.” – Nicolene Elhadad

“We knew where we wanted to go.” – Nicolene Elhadad

“I get to help them become more successful every single day.” – Nicolene Elhadad

“It’s letting go because I’m teaching other people to do what I do, but even better.” – Nicolene Elhadad

“When you join forces, businesses can actually grow much bigger.” – Nicolene Elhadad

“When you’re trading your time for money, there is no way that you can scale that, cause there’re 24 hours in the day.” – Lisa Linfield