Did your parents ever tell you that money doesn’t grow on trees? What if I told you that they were wrong? Money DOES grow on trees, and I’m living proof.

In this week’s episode I give you the three steps that I used to become financially free, so that you too can start to grow your money tree.

Show Notes

[01.46] The ‘show and tell’ nature of social media

[04.23] An ancient parable

[09.55] Your own money story

[12.15] Choose to build a never-ending money tree

[13.34] Three assumptions at the heart of what we think we know about money

[16.48] The four steps you need to take to build your money tree

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“The ‘world out there’ tells us these show and tell displays of brand-name things are what we require to feel rich.” – Lisa Linfield

“Investing is a never-ending money tree.’ – Lisa Linfield

“Building the skill to handle money is exactly like building fitness for a marathon – it takes time.” – Lisa Linfield

“Don’t give up just because you weren’t born to wealth. It absolutely is possible to build your own money tree.”

“You can have anything you want, but you can’t have EVERYTHING.” – Lisa Linfield