Do you dream of designing a life where you can work wherever you wish? For a true laptop lifestyle, investing offshore in physical property and business could be a viable route there.

Lauren Cohen is an international lawyer, realtor, and cross border expert. She believes that you have to begin with the end in mind and have a solid strategy in order to avoid pitfalls, and ultimately achieve your goals – domestically and internationally.

In today’s episode Lauren takes us through aspects of navigating business and investment decisions across borders, so that you are able to invest, live, work and play anywhere.

Show Notes

  • [00.53] Lauren’s background
  • [03.13] The freedom of a laptop lifestyle
  • [04.35] Chaos and opportunities
  • [07.28] Non-real estate investing
  • [08.59] Cross-border investing mistakes
  • [13.31] Internet businesses and the advantages of having a physical presence in a country
  • [14.36] Needing a visa vs. wanting a visa
  • [17.25] Visa requirements
  • [19.24] Expanding your business overseas (and other possible avenues)
  • [22.42] The importance of mindset
  • [25.12] The opportunities available in real estate investing offshore
  • [26.38] Single family homes vs. multiple family / commercial properties
  • [27.51] Building an Airbnb portfolio cross-border
  • [36.45] Start with the end in mind and achieve your goals of investing offshore

Learn more about Lauren

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“I created this lifestyle for myself, where I literally can be anywhere in the world, and I wanted to create that similar lifestyle for others.” – Lauren Cohen

“The chaos is something that we have no control over.” – Lauren Cohen

“It’s not a bad thing to take advantage of a market opportunity when it’s there.” – Lauren Cohen

“Make the best of it and find opportunities where they are.” – Lauren Cohen

“You have to consider both sides of the border.” – Lauren Cohen

“It’s all about creating a strategy that meets your short and long term goals. And then implementing that strategy.” – Lauren Cohen

“You HAVE to find a silver lining.” – Lauren Cohen

“That’s a big part of any successful business owners day is exercise.” – Lauren Cohen

“If your long term goals potentially have in them the ability or the desire to move to another country, move overseas, then let’s put that into your plan from the outset.” – Lauren Cohen

“It’s all about the ‘and’ when it comes to diversification.” – Lisa Linfield

“There are many opportunities to invest at the moment. But the most important thing, is that one gets the right help on both sides of the continent.” – Lisa Linfield

“To create flexibility for yourself and your children is AS important as trying to sacrifice to give your children a good education.” – Lisa Linfield