Are you interested in investing offshore but don’t know where to begin? In explanations that we can all understand, our guest today helps us to untangle the complicated world of international investing.

Naledi Makiwane is an investment specialist at Coronation Fund Managers, and in this episode she speaks about the value of offshore investing, the importance of having a disciplined approach to your investment behaviour, and the ways in which YOU can invest offshore.

Show Notes

[01.14] Naledi’s journey into the investments world

[03.27] The unpredictability of the last few years

[04.02] Some of the reasons people invest

[07.22] Buying at the wrong time

[08.34] The value of an investment strategy

[09.33] Why it is a good strategy to invest offshore

[11.00] Home bias and its disadvantages

[14.05] Retirement and offshore investing

[20.08] The ways in which the ordinary, average human can invest offshore

[23.35] Personal lessons in investing

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“Most investors tend to feel more comfortable investing when investment returns have been good.” – Naledi Makiwane

“The way you make money when you’re investing is to buy low, sell high.” – Naledi Makiwane

“We should actually have a strategy, a plan, something in place that governs our thinking and not just react to either the news or what our friends are saying.” – Lisa Linfield

“By allocating money to offshore investments, you actually reduce the level of risk that you’re taking when trying to achieve a specific level of return.” – Naledi Makiwane

“If you look at investors who restrict their investment universe to their domestic assets, you miss out on opportunities in industries that are not available in that particular market.” – Naledi Makiwane

“If you’re going to be retiring in the country you live, it’s important that you try and maintain some smoothness in your money so that you’re not being forced to sell those investments to generate the income to live off.” – Lisa Linfield

“Investors always need to be cognizant of the risk that you’re taking, as much as there are diversification benefits to investing offshore (like we spoke about earlier), you also just want to make sure that you are not too exposed to that currency movement.” – Naledi Makiwane

“Age is such an important thing in how much money you have exposed.” – Lisa Linfield

“The more you invest earlier in your investment journey, the more you actually have at the end of whatever goal you’re trying to achieve.” – Naledi Makiwane