Are you struggling to conquer an aspect of your health, wealth or relationship? The reason may be that you’re focusing on what you don’t have, rather than on what you DO have…

In today’s episode I take a spiritual look at money, and on some ways to change our thinking so that we may change our lives for the better.

Show Notes

[01.51]  The danger of a quick fix

[04.33] Why having what we want doesn’t change our lives sustainably

[09.05] A stampede of “buts…”

[11.18] Affirmations

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“So it seems that the problem is common to both – get rich or get thin quick isn’t a sustainable solution to our problems or the quick route to happiness.” – Lisa Linfield

“Like all perfect stories, there is always adversity to overcome; dragons to slay; hardships to endure.” – Lisa Linfield

“When the time is right, we will have our happy ever afters.” – Lisa Linfield

“The challenge with life is that there is not a day that goes past when we don’t get faced with money temptation… and a happy, smiley face of someone that has something we think will make us happier.” – Lisa Linfield

“Each one of us believes that relief from our current challenges lies ‘out there’, wrapped within the temptation of  a short-term hit of happiness.” – Lisa Linfield