In your home, who do you believe works the hardest – the partner who stays at home or the one who goes out to work?

The World Out There would have you believe it’s a certain way, and having recently caught myself doing the same thing, I thought it wise to shine a light on one of these deep patterns that keep us stuck.

In today’s episode we explore the myth that men believe and women perpetuate.

Show Notes

[02.23] Patterns that keep us stuck

[04.27] The assigning of roles and of VALUE

[07.46] The patterns as they arise in our own lives

[12.29] The myth that men believe and women perpetuate.

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“I do not believe in putting men down. I believe we can lift women up without having to do that.” – Lisa Linfield

“Trying to do it all is way too much for any human to take on.” – Lisa Linfield

“We somehow absorbed the notion that the person working to earn the money had harder days, their needs had more priority, and that everything should drop when they come home.” – Lisa Linfield

“Regardless of what our brains told us, we had never experienced (or had modelled for us) a different way of being.” – Lisa Linfield

“I was living the myth. The myth that my stresses were harder than his because I worked and he didn’t.” – Lisa Linfield