So you’ve given in to the nagging voice in your head that says you need a will (because you need a will), now what?

Because it’s so important that you put the effort and research in to create a will, this weeks episode is all about the structure of a will, and what needs to be included to make it a GOOD one.

Show Notes

  • [01.11] A recap of the biggest mistakes made in wills.
  • [02.27] The will itself.
  • [02.49] The three major roles in a will.
  • [14.00] The structure of a will.

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“Any will is better than no will.” – Lisa Linfield

“If you hire a professional executor they are allowed to, by law, charge 3,5% plus VAT.” – Lisa Linfield

“Guardians look after your children.” – Lisa Linfield

“If a child is going to one of your nominated guardians, they’ve lost both of you at the time. And so be careful of ripping them out of their context.” – Lisa Linfield

“The money is a core portion to the trust, so you need people who really understand money in order to effectively manage this trust.” – Lisa Linfield

“And then you have peace of mind, and there’s so much to be said for peace of mind.” – Lisa Linfield