Do you have a will? If not, that’s the first mistake to remedy…

Listen to this week’s episode to find out the most common mistakes made when drawing up a will, and at least ONE of the reasons why it is SO important that you have one.

Show Notes

  • [01.58] Reasons people are prompted to make a will.
  • [03.20] Reasons people DON’T get wills.
  • [07.54] The most common mistakes of a will
    • Leaving money to a minor.
    • There’s no fall back.
    • No trust deed for the trust.
  • [12.43] Signage, storage and notifications.

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“Doing a will is the most important thing you could ever do.” – Lisa Linfield

“Remember you can (and should) change your will every two years.” – Lisa Linfield

“An internet will, a bank will, an any will is better than no will. But, there is no reason anyone should die without a will” – Lisa Linfield

“You need to give the trust the rights of what the people can do.” – Lisa Linfield