Is having a will drawn up just another item on your list of things you’ll get to… at some point? Whilst we all know that we NEED a will, most of us either don’t have one or the one that we do have is seriously outdated.

Part of a new series on managing your money for wealth, today I’m talking about what you need to know about wills – from the purposes of having one, to the consequences of not. I’ll also take you through how your marriage affects your death, as well as the elements of a good will.

One of the most important pieces of paper that you just HAVE to have, a will is a necessity. Get it in place today – especially if you have young children.  Protect what you have worked so hard to achieve!

Show Notes

  • [01.43] The purpose of a will
  • [03.03] Dying without a will
  • [05.19] Two particular cases to highlight
  • [07.23] How you’re married affects your death
    • 1. If you’re married in community of property
    • 2. If you’re married out of community of property
    • 3. If you’re married with the accrual system
  • [11.22] Why a non-earning spouse needs a will
  • [12.35] Dying with a will
    • Elements of a good will
  • [20.34] Storing safely
  • [21.40] Final thoughts

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“The purpose of a will is to protect your estate – the money you’ve worked so hard to earn.“ – Lisa Linfield

“One thing I know for sure is that death and money bring out the worst in people.” – Lisa Linfield

“The most important thing every one of us that either has debt, or has assets, can do for the people we love is to have a good will in place.” – Lisa Linfield

“The guiding principals I tell people, is that they need to close their eyes and imagine that they have just died… the will is the document that tells everyone ‘and then what’.” – Lisa Linfield

“If your family can’t find a will, it is deemed that you died without the will.  So don’t go through all of the efforts to do this, and then no one knows where it is.” – Lisa Linfield