When it comes to your money, do you have a plan? Or are you just hoping for the best? Here’s how you CAN set yourself up for financial success…

In today’s episode are the five P’s of a Money Management System that make it doable. Getting a grip on your day-to-day money is the first step towards changing your financial future.

Tomorrow night (Thursday 26 August) I’m holding a LIVE workshop where you can join me and I’ll go through exactly what you need to implement to make it happen for YOU.

Sign up, and spend two hours getting your money sorted.

Show Notes

  • [01.13] PLAN – your plan must set you up for success in the first place – it must have a chance of succeeding!
  • [04.53] PREPARE – being organised is key to being able to stick to your plan
  • [06.56] PROTECT yourself against debt and raiding the savings at all cost
  • [08.53] PROVIDE for your future freedom
  • [13.03] PERSIST

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“You need a PLAN that you believe can work, that you can give yourself a fighting chance to stick to it.” – Lisa Linfield

“Your Money Plan helps you find the route out of the stress, the strain, and the waste, and towards the route of your freedom.” – Lisa Linfield

“You are GUARANTEED to spend more when you rely on the emotions of the moment.” – Lisa Linfield