Ready to start investing? But you’re wondering ‘Should I invest in property?’ Here’s the recipe that I’d advise my children to follow…

I wish I’d listened to this interview in my 20’s as my path would have been a lot clearer, and I probably would have a lot more money! You see, there is a way to convert those early years from being the survival times where you can’t afford to pay rent AND invest, to being an investment time.

Listen to today’s episode to find out how.

Show Notes

  • [01.42] The house you live in is NOT an investment 
    • When you sell, you will make money if you’ve lived in it a while.
    • When you retire and you sell you’ll release money for your retirement
    • You make money when you sell it for more than you bought it
  • [08.55] Property as an investment
  • [11.29] The financial drivers behind why property is a good investment
  • [16.35] Knowing the numbers
  • [23.11] Buy an investment flat in your 20s
  • [28.33] If you’re not planning to stay a minimum of ten years, rent

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“The big opportunity to release money from your home comes in those major life changes.” – Lisa Linfield

“The most common mistake people make in talking about property profit, is not taking all the costs into consideration.” – Lisa Linfield

“How much money you make on any investment depends on three things:  the price you buy it at; the income after the expenses that you can earn each year, and the price you sell it at.” – Lisa Linfield

“As always, you need to answer the question: What do I KNOW about? And what do I feel comfortable investing in.” – Lisa Linfield

“If you know your neighbourhood, know the plumbers, know which side of the road the property is valued higher at, then definitely invest once you’ve run the numbers.” – Lisa Linfield

“Like any investment, you need to go in with your eyes wide open, and actively manage it.” – Lisa Linfield

“Do the numbers, but if you need to, borrow that money and make a good investment.” – Lisa Linfield