Creative thinking is the MOST sought-after skill in the world! After all, AI is able to do all programmable work. BUT creativity is NOT artistry. It’s alternative thinking to solving problems.

I am joined by Nina Pearse, founder of Creativity Wake Up. Nina’s vision is to invest in leaders’ creative thinking and evolve business culture.

Creative muscles can be exercised. Nina and her team stretch your fluidity, speed of thought and originality! And we need so much more of THIS!

Show notes

  • Nina’s journey started in finance and banking.
  • She moved into teaching and adult learning.
  • Designing and facilitating courses for leaders and managers.
  • But Nina wanted to do more!
  • Exploring ways to better secure her future and be in touch with her true purpose.
  • It is not always evident when you start on your journey, so keep exploring!
  • Get over your fear of failure.
  • The most powerful force in this journey is TIME.
  • It is either working for you or against you. You NEED to focus on your habits.
  • It’s tiny little decisions you make every day that accumulates over time and makes the BIGGEST difference.
  • Every day you have new brain cells – YOU decide how you think!
  • The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time to start is today!
  • What is a your “WHY”?
  • Nina’s vision is to invest in leaders’ creative thinking and evolve business culture.
  • Exercise creative thinking to maximise their business output.
  • Creativity is not artistry. Creativity is alternative thinking and problem solving.
  • Stretching your fluidity, speed of thought and originality.
  • Deep solo thinking is lost in today’s mad rush.
  • Move human capital to agile design-thinking.
  • Use YOUR creative thinking to solve the problems of today.

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