When it comes to marriage, there are a minefield of stories and beliefs that come to us as to the right and wrong way to run a marriage, and in particular, money in a marriage. An important topic that governs the future of your assets, it all comes down to the WAY you’re married.

None of us like to talk about death or divorce in the weeks before we get married, it brings out the worst in us. So today’s episode provides a non-emotional perspective on the subject because it’s imperative to be very clear on the way you’re married, as it strongly impacts how your assets will be impacted by creditors, death and divorce.

I really implore you that if you know a person who is considering getting married, please send them this episode so that they can make informed decisions.

Show Notes

  • [02.42] It all starts with how you’re married
  • [07.48] Community of Property
    • Pro’s
    • Con’s
  • [11.01] Ante Nuptial Contract
    • Pro’s
    • Con’s

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“Sometimes it requires us finding someone we trust to help us understand something in a different light so we can make a decision as to what WE think is right or wrong.” – Lisa Linfield

“Truly, the only way to protect assets when you are married in community of property is to put them in a trust right from the beginning.” – Lisa Linfield

“The only time an Ante Nuptial Contract can be done is before you are married.” – Lisa Linfield

“The red-light warning that is a major one for me, is a straight Ante Nuptial Contract with NO reference to a 50:50 split of assets accrued during the marriage on death or divorce.” – Lisa Linfield