In the story of your life, are you the victim or the heroine? There is power in the stories you choose, just as there is in choosing financial freedom.

Defined by the choices you make from moment to moment, YOU get to decide whether you choose financial freedom or money stress.

Choose wisely…

Show Notes

  • [11.32] Financial freedom is a choice you make, not an income you earn
  • [12.40] Financial freedom truly is a choice you make every minute of the day. 
  • [14.32] Financial freedom asks “What now?” not “Why me?”

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“Stepping outside of myself and seeing my life as a story, with me as the heroine allows me to reframe the story I tell myself.” – Lisa Linfield

“It comes down to a saying I live by… it’s all about the AND.” – Lisa Linfield

“You can choose to spend or you can choose to save.” – Lisa Linfield

“The trap I see too many people fall into is to believe that they are so far behind, that nothing they do will make a difference, and so they carry on spending.” – Lisa Linfield

“You are the heroine of your own story.” – Lisa Linfield

“Every heroine’s story looks dazzling in summary, and mundane when stretched into minutes and seconds and the thoughts in her head.” – Lisa Linfield

“Financial freedom is a choice – a choice that ends up giving you the freedom of more choices.” – Lisa Linfield