Are you chasing every new marketing strategy in the hope that one will stick, and work? You’re in Business 1.0 – the first phase of business start up that’s really exhausting. I chat with Michelle L. Evans to find out how you go from the chaos of Business 1.0 to the confidence of Business 2.0.

Michelle runs a marketing agency and a podcast, Profit Without Worry, and she talks to us about her journey, and the journey she helps other owner managed businesses go through in trying to build Business 2.0.

We look at how to push through that horrible phase quicker to find the customers and business operating model that works for you in Business 2.0

Show Notes for Business 2.0

  • [1:00] Why Michelle left a great job at Microsoft and started her business
    • [2:16] The role of her executive coach
    • [4:00] What happened on maternity leave
    • [6:35] Her biggest blocker to starting a business
  • [6:52] The journey over the last 8 years
    • [7:24] Saying yes to everything (and working way too much)
    • [8:24] Learning to sell
    • [11:15] You cannot think your way into a great business, you have to test your way
  • [12:42] Her Business 2.0 focus is to help business owners figure out their marketing strategy
    • [13:07] The marketing funnel
  • [15:34] How to only get your ideal customers to contact you
    • [16:32] The opportunity in mini-offers (Get Michelle’s Mini Offers that Sell course)
    • [19:15] The priceless marketing intel
    • [20:08] The trap we all fall into when you start your business that costs time and money
    • [21:30] Why market research doesn’t work
    • [24:08] The power of testimonials
  • [24:41] What to do when it’s not really working – Business 1.0 to 2.0
    • [27:02] What really makes the difference
    • [30:12] What metrics you should track
  • [31:16] How to transition to Business 2.0
    • [34:08] The steps to develop a mini offer


Coaches make you see the truth and stop ignoring what’s right in front of your face – Michelle Evans

I wanted to decide the projects I wanted to work on – Michelle Evans

I hated putting my pay check, my life, my career in someone else’s coach – Michelle Evans

When you just aren’t fully committed, there’s so many excuses that come up – Michelle Evans

You cannot think your way into a great business – you have to test your way – Michelle Evans

When you can find the problem you want to solve for the people, that’s when the magic comes – Michelle Evans

When I started really connecting, rather than looking polished, was when it all changed – Michelle Evans

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