The number one reason why people don’t start a side hustle is because we were raised to believe in the ideal of the entrepreneur. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, we need that one big, stellar, awarding-winning idea that will hit us like a thunderbolt one sunny afternoon and it will change the world!

“Side hustle” means many different things to many different people but we can all agree that 99% of us are just not born to be entrepreneurs. Wrong! It’s 10 % about your product and 90% about how to manage your business.

BUT what if you don’t have an idea of what to offer the world? It’s all about just taking the first step! Playing, experimenting, investigating and refining your ideas – no matter how big or small. All you need to be able to do is sell one product or service to one person for $1… and then repeat!

Show notes

  • It became so apparent to me that people don’t understand the concept of “side hustle”.
  • We struggle to overcome the traditional idea of an entrepreneur.
  • Feedback from my webinar last week is that most people don’t believe that they have THE next best thing.
  • We idolise entrepreneurs as misnomers who stumble across an idea, have the guts to give up everything to make it successful, and become mega rich.
  • The first myth is that this thunderbolt idea will NOT make or break your business idea.
  • The second myth is that this thunderbolt idea will NOT just come to you while you are waiting around.
  • Starting your side hustle is not about being a professional entrepreneur but having multi-disciplinary skill sets.
  • It’s like an athlete that doesn’t specialise in one athletic discipline but can complete a decathlon!
  • You need to build your skill sets in all areas of business.
  • There WILL be guaranteed failures. You need enough resolve to overcome them.
  • A successful business is not about one grand idea but about endurance.
  • It’s 10 % about your product and 90% about how to manage the business.
  • The most difficult part is building a repeatable, scalable business that attracts a continuous flow of customers to know, like and trust you AND your product.
  • BUT what if you don’t have an idea of what you to offer the world?
  • There are so many tools and platforms that monitor trends and niches from products to services.
  • Shift your mindset from thunderbolt idea to using freely available universal tools to find what you want to offer the world.
  • Sign up for my webinar to understand exactly how this works. You’re welcome!

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