52 – Why I left a 7-figure job

Hip, hip, hooray! This episode marks the anniversary of my weekly podcast for Working Women’s Wealth. Wow! I am truly thankful for the lessons that I have learned and the amazing women that I have had the privilege of interviewing and meeting along the way.

I reflect back on my own journey and the businesses that I have spent the last two years building from scratch. More importantly, I reflect on my decision to take a monumental leap of faith to walk away from a 7-figure salary. Gulp!

So for my podcast’s birthday, I want to surprise YOU with a birthday gift! I want to invite you to join my ‘Side Hustle Movement’. I have created a free* online training course that will guide you through every step of starting your very own online business in just 30 days!

Show notes

  • Why leaving my corporate job was the biggest and most fearful decision I have ever made!
  • Why being raised with the stories of courageous women empowered me
  • Growing up surrounded by CEOs and the respect that come with that big title
  • The beginning of the end for a career that was on track for a c-suite position
  • Dealing with not being wanted and hitting rock bottom
  • Losing a key ingredient for my personal success – hope
  • The long climb back to myself – 5 years, a new company and another restructure
  • An unclear plan that revealed my true passion – helping people with their finances
  • The epic story of rebuilding ME
    • Going back to university at 40 (and with toddlers)
    • Shifting from expert corporate executive to novice entrepreneur
    • Moving away from external applause and validation to internal confidence and conviction
    • Redefining the concepts of ‘winning’ and ‘losing’
  • The shared wisdom from my interviewees:
    • Where you started is not where you will end
    • Accept failure. It happens A LOT.
    • How to overcome fear and accept courage in any shape or form
    • The end of a journey is the lessons learned and not the successes achieved
  • The most important lesson that I have learned is that EVERYONE needs a side hustle
  • My challenge for YOU – sign up for my online training course that will teach you how to start your first side hustle!

Lisa’s challenge for YOU

Sign up for Lisa’s free* training course on how to start an online business. This includes:

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