53 Turning your super-power into money with Zee Narajian

By now I have (hopefully) enticed you to daydream about starting your own side hustle. But you don’t know what to do or where to start! Join the club! Luckily for YOU, the world is ever changing. The people that solve today’s problems need to have the super-power of multi-disciplinary skills, passions and interests to find a niche solution.

I chat with Zee Narajian – the epitome of the 21st century working woman who balances a full-time job AND a very successful side hustle. She is a self-confessed ‘jack of all trades and master of none’, and her dream is to help multi-passionate women monetise their passions by building authentic digital businesses.

Zee epitomises my sentiment – making more money is not about the ‘OR’ life. It is about the ‘AND’ life.

Show notes

  • Zee’s upbringing and corporate journey – from a ‘jack of all trades’ to embracing her multi-disciplinary passions
  • Starting your side hustle is much easier that you think
  • It provides a safety net to fall back on and the relief not to draw down on your hard-earned savings and capital investments
  • Two jobs help you structure your life to maximise your time and focus on the important things
  • Zee’s tips for starting your side business:
    • Write down 2 to 3 things that you are good at – don’t dismiss the mundane talents!
    • Write down 2 to 3 values that define you and what you stand for – this will build your brand identity
    • You must have a clear message and simple solution to a need – no matter how niche the business idea
    • The art of boundary management and time-blocking
    • The power of 10 minutes – maximise your time and look forward to short spurts of work
    • Build a habit of intent focus
    • Avoid time wasters like TV and social media (that’s not building your passion)
    • TRUST yourself and then FOLLOW THROUGH
    • Keep momentum by taking immediate inspired action
    • Actively seek out like-minded people and a supportive community
    • Build a personal brand – people follow people, not what you are selling!
    • Don’t box yourself in or compare yourself with the successful ‘it’ crowd. Your journey and experiences are different
    • Don’t fall for the “shiny object” syndrome – avoid the noise and getting onto the next craze bandwagon
    • The biggest excuse is to think that you don’t have enough money or time or a great idea to serve
  • Life success and true wealth is 10% of technical management and 90% human behaviour
  • Start with the basics, do the work, stay in your lane, take one step at a time and focus!

Learn more about Zee Narajian

Learn more about Zee Narajian.

Zee has also compiled a directory of free resources for beginner entrepreneurs! Enjoy!

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