How is money serving you? A holistic life plan AND a financial strategy is worth so much more when MEANING and MONEY meet! Understand your return on life, not your return on your money!

I chat with Kim Potgieter – a director of Chartered Wealth, the author of two books, and a certified money story coach. Her passion is ensuring that her clients get the most meaning from their money. Saving and investing is not about having money for money’s sake! So, what does that exactly mean?

Show notes

  • Kim’s background and journey into financial planning
  • Understanding yourself as a person – know your goals and dreams
  • Examining your relationship with money
  • Understanding your early childhood beliefs about money
  • Unpacking the story that you have created around money
  • Deciding whether money is an enabler or a deterrent to achieving your goals
  • Money should never be your master!
  • We need to be comfortable to talk about money
  • Put money in its rightful place as an entity that works for you
  • Understand your return on life, not your return on your money!
  • The generations to come see retirement differently
  • New generations are combining careers with side hustles
  • As humans, we want to add value to the world – find this passion
  • Continually reinvent yourself to push your retirement age forward
  • Financial freedom is the ability to have CHOICE
  • Get out of the box of traditional thinking of retirement – don’t worry about the Jones’s!
  • Redefining the definition of work – turn your pay-check into a play-check!
  • If you plan, you prosper
  • Attitude is everything!

More about Kim

Check out more about Kim on her website, connect with her on Facebook.

If you are keen to understand Kim’s principles of retirement, check out her book RETIREMEANT – living your life, your way and on your terms!

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