WHAT’S YOUR SUPERPOWER? And three ways to find it

Last year I asked some ex-colleagues and close friends what my superpower was.  It was part of a course I was doing in preparation for starting my own business.  Amazing what a response three words can generate…Try it!

Here’s the thing.  Anyone can be good at almost anything. But to be great at something, you need to leverage your superpower.  Clark Kent wasn’t known for his journalistic prowess, but for being SUPERMAN!

It’s that thing you are passionate about, that lights up your whole body, gives you energy. But it’s also something you do that isn’t common among other people, it stands out.  Which is why even if you’re not sure what your superpower is, others can tell you.

Why is it important?

Finding your passion is crucial to finding a way to “never work a day in your life”.  When your work leverages those talents of yours that give you energy, you naturally succeed more.  And success breeds success.

In addition, it gives you a sense of what your second income could be.  I recently met a talented investment specialist – whose love is all things eyes.  So on Saturdays she works in a salon helping women have beautiful eyes.  It’s her future work, that she’s investing in now

Three ways to discover it

  1. ASK – I sent an email to 12 close friends and colleagues and asked.  The responses were humbling.  Others can sometimes articulate it much better
  2. Understand your thinking preferences – in our practice we leverage Whole Brain Thinking assessments to help people understand their preferred thinking styles.  And with each preferred thinking style combination comes the types of careers the other people in the world who have that thinking typically engage in
  3. Practice Mindfulness – watch yourself for those times when you get that buzz; that extra bit of energy and motivation, the bounce.  What are you doing? Journal it, and you’ll soon see patterns.

Finances are complicated.  How we think about money is complicated. And what we say and do are often worlds apart. And if there are two of you, it’s even more complex.

Helping people make sense of the complexity of their finances, developing ways to explain it in in a manner they will understand, and putting in place easy steps to meet their goals has truly got to be the most interesting and fulfilling work I have ever done.  I guess you could say it’s my superpower, the thing that gives me energy.  Whether I’m building a financial plan, equipping a group of leaders to better understand the complex world of personal finance in one of our training sessions, or facilitating couples through sticky discussions about money, I just know I am the luckiest girl in the world to be working on my passion.  Using my superpowers to help others.

My hope for each of you is that you find a way to strengthen your superpower.  And like all good superhero’s, a way to use it to help others, build something great, and fill your life with energy.  And for all those things that aren’t your superpower, that you find a trusted sidekick, cause together we really can take on the world!

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