When you think about money, is your prevailing feeling one of peace or dread? Because the real challenge is, if you’re not on top of your money, your brain WILL be stressing about it.

In today’s episode I give you the 5 A’s that will help you stop stressing, as well as two questions that will deepen your understanding of where you are in relation to your money.

Show Notes

  • [01.18] The reasons your brain stresses about money.
  • [03.21] How do we stop stressing?
  • [05.53] The four numbers you need to know.
  • [10.11] A commitment.

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“If you’re not on top of your money, your brain will be stressing about it.” – Lisa Linfield

“As humans we need to know with every cell in our body that we are able to protect and to provide for ourselves and our families forever, or else we will stress.” – Lisa Linfield

“You can’t work out how to get to your desired stress-free state if you have no idea where you’re starting from.” – Lisa Linfield

“Once you know that you can actually start taking small steps towards this problem, it becomes a problem that you feel you’re able to close the tab on.” – Lisa Linfield

“These days it’s never been easier to learn about money from someone who explains it in a way that you understand.” – Lisa Linfield

“Like any new language, it will take a little while before the words stop sounding foreign.” – Lisa Linfield