We live in a global village! Immigrating is more common now than ever before but if you are an expat, as I have been a few times in my life, you will know how difficult it is to find your rhythm and make your mark.  But immigrating can be the most rewarding experience if you are open to redesigning your life.

I chat with Hannah Pirnie, founder of Translating Me, an Identity Project that is designed to empower expats everywhere to invest their skills, talents and opportunities to make the best of their time! After all, you want to show something for your time when you return home.

Show notes

  • Hannah’s background and moving to South Africa from the United Kingdom
  • Shifting her mindset from her c-suite mindset to flexing her entrepreneurial muscle
  • The concept of mentors has evolved to social icons, entrepreneurs and influencers
  • The power of taking responsibility
  • Who you stuff your face with is who shapes you!
  • Biz Chicks helped Hanna construct a new reality for herself
  • Look for the gaps in the market and not what you think you want to do
  • The Birth of Translating Me
  • The Identity Project is a six-step process
  • Life is not about having a corner office and a basement bay
  • There are many measures of success
  • Success is the ability to say no and bring back your sparkle
  • Hidden workforce of expat wives
  • Immigrating is the most rewarding action if you are open to redesigning your life
  • Translating Me focuses on expat partners who need to reinvent themselves
  • Future-proofing your skills and staying relevant with technology and social media
  • Owning your business can allow you to scale up or down dependent on your life circumstances
  • There is no better teacher than just doing it yourself!
  • Unpack who you a really are before the world told you what you were – consciously choose your path!

More about Hannah

Check out Hannah’s website and receive 13 portable business ideas you can start today!

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