2019 is officially in full swing! Understanding and owning the rules of financial freedom is our key goal for this quarter. Wealth management and financial freedom is 90% behaviour and only 10% action! So we start by asking, how much are you (really) worth? And how do we overcome the “poverty mindset” to build a positive money mindset?

I chat with Lorna Poole, a mindset coach and the host of the Financial Freedom podcast. Whilst on her own journey to financial freedom, Lorna helps her clients to let go of old beliefs that hold you back from creating true financial freedom.

Show notes

  • Lorna’s backstory and journey to becoming a mindset coach
  • Self-worth and belief systems are the biggest stumbling blocks about what you believe and how you treat money
  • Conceptualisation of success and self-worth is pivotal
  • Everything begins with a CHOICE
  • Change every sphere of your life by focusing intently on correcting your mind set
  • Exploring positivity groups and accountability partners
  • A healthy relationship with money is critical in embracing what you charge for your time and effort
  • The fundamental steps to understanding and adapting your money mind set:
    • Holistically and honestly acknowledge your current circumstance
    • Write down what is happening in your life – the good, bad and ugly
    • Develop a strategy to overcome negative thinking by forming new habits and affirmations
    • Take action and monitor your progress!
  • Overcome the poverty mind set by feeding yourself positive affirmations
  • Start your healthy relationship by paying yourself first!
  • Implement the Five Why’s – you need to give five reasonable answers to an issue to understand the core reason for the issue
  • Financial freedom equals emotional freedom
  • The desire of where you want to be must be STRONGER than your desire to stay!
  • Nothing will cost you more than denying who you are
  • Live the life you choose
  • Be brave to be free!

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