What makes women start businesses? After all, who doesn’t want to be sitting on a beach on a Wednesday? The key to starting a successful business is a strong like-minded community that will inspire you, and accountability partners that will keep you focused.

I chat with Cerina Bezuidenhout and Lauren Dallas, co-founders of Future Females – a global community of female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. With over 10 chapters, 9000 members and 231 contributors, this MOVEMENT is to be reckoned with!

Show notes

  • The BIG global problem that Cerina and Lauren want to solve!
  • A lack of female founders and participants in tech start-ups and accelerators.
  • Measuring and tracking the impact female entrepreneurial development.
  • All women have four resources at their disposal – time, energy, relationships and money.
  • Future Females organic success by continually testing and co-creating their offering.
  • The vision and mission – increase the numbers and better support entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.
  • Providing a platform of business creation, revenue creation and lifestyle creation.
  • The ability to create creators!
  • FF’s four offerings include:
    • Offline events to network
    • Online social media community for collaboration
    • Business school – an online learning incubator
    • Corporate partnerships
  • Strategies for the lifestyle business vs. growth business
  • Agile and lean business start-ups and traction.
  • Done is better than perfect. Just take action!

Meet Cerina and Lauren

Connect with Cerina and Lauren on the Future Females website and sign up for their business school’s next intake.

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