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The ancient Greeks believed so deeply in the concept of “Know Thyself” that it is inscribed in the forecourt of the temple of Apollo.

It is worthy of its position – for it truly is the start of any growth.  But it is just that, the starting point.  Unless you do something with that knowledge, it remains just that.  A good entrance.  A nice piece of insight.

Almost five years ago I began exercising with Kyle, my personal trainer.  As much as I know how good regular exercise is for me over the long term, after 40-something years, I also know myself.  Without someone to be accountable to, I won’t exercise consistently.  Sure, I’ll start, and I may do it for a month or three.  But something will get in the way, and before you know it, 6 months have passed with no exercise.

Kyle changes the conversation in my head.  It goes from, “Do I feel like training?  I’ll do it tomorrow”, to “I don’t want to waste the money I pay”.  He’s my accountability partner.

Finding your accountability partner

A Financial Adviser, a savings group, or your chosen friend can be your accountability partner and the difference between reaching your dreams and not.  That will you  know you need, that retirement calculation and saving you know you should have, that Life Insurance policy.  They hold you accountable to do the things you think about.

My latest accountability partner is an app called Way of Life.  After reading that research has shown that those that track their goals daily are more likely to make long term changes, I looked for a goal tracker.  I’ve set up 6 goals I track daily, including getting up early and daily prayer, and am hoping it will help me maintain long term discipline.

So if you KNOW THYSELF that without an accountability partner you will keep just putting it off till tomorrow, go out now and find one.

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