Author, business school lecturer and consultant Shireen Chengadu has researched women in leadership in emerging markets. I chat to her about her observations of what makes great leaders, why diversity of leadership is so important and the commonalities and differences between developed and emerging markets.  Her book Women in Leadership in Emerging Markets profiles 46 amazing women.

Show notes

  • Do women leaders differ from men?
  • The research that shows that the characteristics that women bring are more relevant in the current VUCA (volatility,  uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) environment
  • The similarities and differences of woman in leadership between Emerging Markets and Developed Markets
  • The countries that do Woman Leadership the best
  • Supporting women in returning from Maternity leave – and flexible work practices
  • The common features of women in leadership that came from the research
  • The amazing women that helped raised Shireen from such difficult circumstances in the heart of apartheid to the success she has now
  • How women can practically support others
  • What Shireen would say to women starting their careers – and I agree with it totally!!!!
  • The huge opportunity the VUCA environment offers those who are brave
  • Why diversity of leadership is so important

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