We ALL work soooo hard! But some of us get to live life and retire very well while many of us don’t. So, what’s the deal with that?!

I’m currently completing a financial behavioural coaching programme. What an eye opener! The key question posed to us is, “how do we coach our clients to make the right financial decisions for them?”

Understanding money is 90% behaviour and 10% technical knowledge. How do you know what you are doing with your money is the best decision for YOUR future? In other words, do you deserve to retire well? Or do you deserve to struggle? Yikes!

So, I have a challenge for you!

Show notes

  • Practicing the ability to argue both sides of a very controversial topic.
  • Understanding contexts, circumstances, life choices and career trajectories.
  • The art of behavioural change.
  • I started WWW because I see women finding themselves in extreme circumstances of not being able to financially support themselves.
  • Unequal distribution of assets.
  • Balancing what you save for yourself and what you provide your (adult) children.
  • The generation of looking after elderly parents and children.
  • The trap of upsizing your lifestyle – homes, holidays, cars and keeping up with the Jonesses.
  • The education needed to understand what you need to retire!
  • We live in an age that information is abundantly available to us.
  • We make so many assumptions about money!
  • The biggest mistake we assume is that contributing a retirement fund is enough. It is NOT enough!
  • You cannot rely on your company or your spouse to make the best financial decisions for YOU.
  • It is the best time in this online world to make additional income.

My challenge to YOU!

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