Stories inspire.  As humans, we learn through stories – of others, of fables, of the imagination.  They’re one of our primary connections to the world beyond us.  As children, it’s fairytales.  When we’re kids, it’s adventure stories filled with brave heroine’s.  As teenagers, it’s romance novels.  And as adults, it’s the news and stories of others.

Many people have asked me to share my entrepreneurial story as I go.  What on earth for?  That’s always my first question.  A feeling that my story is insignificant in the lives of others.  In truth, it probably is.  But I’ve learnt through my podcast guests that respond to an invite in exactly the same way, that that notion doesn’t hold true.  Their stories have literally inspired over a thousand downloads and rapidly counting just three months into it.  We are in fact more inspired by those who we can relate to, than by those who are untouchable.

So this series is going to be an ongoing one – as things worth sharing come up.  It’s on being an entrepreneur – making the change from the safety of corporate to the life of owning your own business.


She who is Brave is Free

When I launched my podcast, it amazed me how many people said, “Well done, you are so clever!”  I can’t tell you how much that did not resonate inside me.  Because there truly is nothing clever about starting a business, nor launching a podcast.  There are two key ingredients:  being brave and hard work.  Not being clever.  Being Brave.  Working hard.  And then being brave some more.


You cannot be brave without fear.

Reflect deeply on that.  We’re not brave when we wake up and make our cereal in the morning.  There’s no fear, so we don’t need to be brave.  Bravery only exists in the face of fear.

And when I started my business, but even more so when I started my podcast and videos, I was gripped by fear.  Still am.  What if no one wants to be my client?  If I do get clients, will my new clients like me and respect my advice?  Will people find my podcasts boring?  Will they think I look like a fat blob in my videos.  What happens if no one ever downloads a podcast – or they download it in the beginning out of curiosity and then never return?  I’ve been a ‘senior executive’ for so long, and enjoyed the prestige and pay check – what if I never make that kind of money ever again?  What if my business fails?  What if I mess up on someone’s investments?


Fear.  The biggest killer of hundreds of phenomenal ideas.  The thing that deprives the world of the greatness it so needs.  The feeling that still presses on my chest.  Today.  Right now as I write.


An amazing women once gave me this desk plaque which said “she who is brave is free”.  It was my birthday, in April, and I gave up corporate life for ever at the end of June.  She couldn’t have known how prophetic that plaque would be.  How often I look at it and know that I just need to put on my big-girl panties and take the step.

And it all comes down to that.  If you want the freedom in your life you so desperately crave, you need to be brave.  Then you need to work hard to achieve it.

This series is about just that.  The fears I’ve had to overcome, and the work I’ve needed to do in order to get through each stage of that process.