They say horses are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. But are they smart enough to teach us about intentional leadership, clear communication and constructive power?

I chat with Schelli Whitehouse – an author, speaker and equine-assisted business coach. Say what? Yes! Horses are phenomenal facilitators to help teach genuine leadership skills. They can only trust and follow you when you have mastered the art of leading yourself.

Whether you are a novice or a showjumper, leadership requires clear direction, boundaries, and shared intuition to serve the team. So, are you ready to stand (or ride) in your authentic leadership?

Show notes

  • Equine-assisted coaching is a learning method that engages with horses to promote personal development.
  • This type of coaching requires your full attention, intuition and instinct.
  • Every horse has a role to play in the herd. They require you to play your part in looking after the group.
  • Horses can sense a conflict in your intention and action. They only respond to your projected reality.
  • Participants are forced to set clear direction, boundaries and shared energy to be accepted and trusted.
  • Horses are a medium and feature of how you help yourself and the people around you.
  • Lasting change can only take place through experiential learning.
  • Women are becoming more conscientious of their contribution in the workplace.
  • But we associate money with oppressive power.
  • We often don’t have the natural practice or confidence to ask for what we are worth.
  • Money can only reflect the energy you project on it because it is merely a currency of exchange.
  • Confident leaders and master communicators can lead because they recognise their own talents that contribute to the whole.
  • Scientists at the Heart Institute have proven that the heart is an organ of intellectual perception.
  • The heart has an electric magnetic field that is 5000 times larger than that of the brain!
  • This allows the heart to receive more subconscious information and at a faster rate than that of your smart brain.
  • The curious case of instinct vs. reason and how to overcome uncertainty.
  • Have the confidence to be specific of whom you serve, what you offer, and how much you charge.
  • Unpacking the conscious work we need to do to shift the power of our identity to make lasting change.
  • Be brave to be free to live your best life!

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Check out Schelli’s website, Facebook page and book. We applaud this amazing work!

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