If we just work harder and faster, we will deliver more impact, right? Well, Mary Baird-Wilcock is here to tell us that it’s a trap! Giving more is not always giving better!

I chat with Mary, a creative entrepreneur and podcaster, who’s single goal in life is to help you simplify yours. Whether you’re not sure how to manage your crazy-busy schedule or just need a little help with the daily grind, Mary created The Simplifiers and the Super Mentor Academy in response to the overwhelming feeling that life is moving at lightning speed.

And it all starts with the question, “what would THIS look like if this was SIMPLE?” Well, you can sign us up!

Show notes

  • Mary’s journey as an events manager to finding her passion in simplifying life!
  • We live in a world that’s gone crazy and we proactively participate in it.
  • Unpacking the notion that if you work harder and faster, we create more impact.
  • More is not always better!
  • Question your motivations of what is on your to-do list.
  • Not all tasks have the same value – high vs. low yielding tasks.
  • Solopreneurs struggle the most with delegation.
  • Focus your attention on high yielding tasks that push the needle forward and make your business profitable.
  • Key areas include sales, client relations and your secret sauce!
  • The BIG 7-minute timer exercise.
  • Hell-yeah tasks vs. heck-no tasks.
  • Work ON your business and not IN your business.
  • The brilliance of virtual assistance and finding your perfect virtual assistant.
  • Mary’s top tools for efficiency. You will want to listen to this!
  • Simply put, simplicity is a conscious choice!

More about Mary

Check out Mary’s website and podcast. You can also download The Simplifiers VA creative brief form. You’re welcome!

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