So, how will I teach 1 million women about money? That is one Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal! I learned quickly that I needed to leverage technology to scale my goal and reach my dream! This goal has stretched me beyond what I thought I could ever achieve. Welcome to part two of the secret to achieving quick, brave targets!

As many of you know, I had an epiphany in October to launch my own online course. In a moment of clarity, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and I was going to launch it in just three weeks! My plan was brilliant in theory. But in practice, everything that could go wrong would go wrong! So, I learned that you overcome your fear of failure by announcing it PUBLICLY. And you stay on track by surrounding yourself with accountability partners!

As I look back on all that I have overcome and achieved with the help of accountability partners,I am truly grateful for all that I have experienced and learned along the way.

Show notes

  • Listen to part one of this podcast – 54 The power of quick brave targets!
  • Achieving my sales target within the first week
  • The massive affirmation that there was a need for my course
  • My goal had three elements:
    • Financially break even
    • Fast track and scale up to teach 1 million women about money
    • Achieve a personal commitment to create an online course
  • The purpose was to create and deliver a product that is of great valuable
  • It would be tested and validated by the Beta group to ensure that it meets its objectives
  • Beta groups helped me understand how to modify the course to best suit their needs
  • My great plan was lovely in theory! In practice, everything that could go wrong will go wrong!
  • Juggling all the obstacles that come with technology, budgets, time and feedback suggestions!
  • I am so proud that I achieved this scalable goal that I set out for myself – overcoming my fears to be brave!
  • I would never had pushed myself if I didn’t publicly declare my goal and have accountability partners
  • This goal has stretched me beyond what I thought I could ever achieve!
  • Because DONE is better than PERFECT!

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