Are your parents feeling weighed down by the invisible pressure to leave you an inheritance? If so, it’s time for you to free them from that burden.

You see, the rules of the game have changed, and in this week’s episode I talk about the new definition of inheritance, as well as five tips that will make supporting your parents a little bit easier.

Show Notes

[02.01] The thinking behind the long-held beliefs of inheritance.

[05.59] A new definition of inheritance.

[07.28] One of the key foundations of wealth. Download my free worksheet and get to know your numbers.

[10.24] Five tips on how to make it easier to support your parents.

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“There is absolutely no need for them to carry this burden. They have educated you, they have provided you with love and care, and that is all the inheritance any human should need.” – Lisa Linfield

“It is each of our own jobs to earn the money we need to take care of ourselves. Not the job of our parents. Not the job of our children.” – Lisa Linfield

“Almost every single one of us in the 65 and younger age group are guaranteed to look after at least one parent, between us and our spouse, if not two.” – Lisa Linfield

“You need to know (and be able to budget for) if your parents are going to run out of money.” – Lisa Linfield

“We come from a society where talking to our parents or children about the state of your personal money is just not done.” – Lisa Linfield

“Make sure that you’re not doing this to your children. Make sure you’ve got enough money so that your kids don’t get put into this position.” – Lisa Linfield