Have you (like me) cried, ‘Enough Now!’ at the seemingly constant onslaught of hard and heavy things that life has been throwing at you? Then it may be time to change the season in your life.

As the bleakness of winter melts into an ever-hopeful spring, there are some things you need to KNOW, to SENSE, and to DO if you want to make the transition of the metaphorical seasons of your life smoother and more seamless.

In this 200th episode of the Working Women’s Wealth podcast, I’d like to say a GIANT thank you to all of you who have been walking this journey alongside me.

Thank you for joining me for 200 episodes.  I am humbled that people still listen! 

Show Notes

[05.37] Three things you need to know

[08.42] Three things you need to sense

[11.31] Three things you need to do

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“In this instant gratification world, I think we’ve become less sensitive to seasons – the seasons of our life. I think we like to only feel the joy of summer.” – Lisa Linfield

“Understand that life has seasons and rhythms, and it doesn’t ever stay winter all the time. We need to know that summer is going to come.” – Lisa Linfield

“You need to both go with the season, AND drive the change.” – Lisa Linfield

“I’m trying to teach my girls that we keep getting up and we keep on trying, that your Best Life is worth it.” – Lisa Linfield