Do you catch yourself telling your children the same disempowering statements about money that your parents taught (or modelled for) you? Then it might be time to reframe your money beliefs.

In our house, we talk in the currency of ‘worth it’, and the girls understood this concept from a young age. Money is finite and you can’t have everything you want. But what you can have is everything that’s WORTH IT.

In today’s episode I talk about HOW to reframe your money beliefs, so that you can live now AND invest for your future freedom.

Show Notes

  • [01.01] Money Beliefs
  • [02.02] Rewriting the story
  • [03.56] The currency of ‘worth it’

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“In order to TRULY grasp worth it, it’s always in comparison to whatever you’re trading for, that is worth it.” – Lisa Linfield

“As we know, because money is finite, our income can only go to two things – either expenses, or investments for our financial freedom. We also need to therefore ask ourselves, do we want a bigger car or do we want to retire early?” – Lisa Linfield

“If I was to choose only ONE piece of advice to give a youngster, or my children, on how to become wealthy it would be this – Decide now what’s ‘Worth It’, spend well on that, and then ruthlessly cut back on everything else so that you can invest at a very young age for your financial freedom.” – Lisa Linfield