What brings you joy? If life has knocked you sideways and joy feels JUST out of reach, these Five Signposts to Joy and Purpose may help you find the direction you need to travel.

The biggest opportunity to feel joy is to live in congruence with your purpose and your values, and becoming clear on the things you need to include more of in your life going forward, (and what you actively need to do to put boundaries of ‘no’ in place) will help you to make the space and time to do what brings you joy.

I hope this will help you find joy when life knocks you sideways.

Show Notes

  • [03.29] Being Satisfied
  • [07.37] So let’s look at the 5 signposts to Joy
    1. The Signposts from Inside us
    2. The Signposts from Outside
    3. Signposts from the Future
    4. Signposts from the Past
    5. The Signpost from Wisdom
  • [17.39] Joy never comes from a one-size-fits-all view
  • [19.03] So how am I feeling now?

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“Joy is linked to that feeling of being fully loved for who we are, and fully loving others.”  – Lisa Linfield

“If we allow ourselves, this hole in our soul is in fact a gift, a gift of a signpost that points you to another way.” – Lisa Linfield

“Our Short Term Hits of Happiness – those things we go to for an easy pick-me-up – are often the biggest indicators you’re doing something that’s not bringing you joy.” – Lisa Linfield

“Unconstrained dreaming returns us to that child-like state of dreaming where the forces of gravity that chain us to real life disappear.” – Lisa Linfield

“The past can point to the future if we actively choose to construct our futures based on the signposts of the past.” – Lisa Linfield