Are you a creative who was sold the myth of the starving artist? I’m here to tell you that the creatives are the future. But you need to understand ‘the rules’ for building wealth.

There is a reason the demand for creatives is rising massively, and you CAN make money from your craft! In today’s episode I’ll introduce you to the Four Income Streams that will enable you to work on your passion and become financially independent.

Understanding the four streams of income will help you understand how you can do the AND… make money now and save to be financially independent, AND do what you love.

Things are only going to get better for creatives.  Much better. 

Show Notes

  • [01.59] The trends that are driving the surge for creatives
  • [04.42] So why is this good for creatives?
  • [08.31] But, to ride this wave, you need to focus on the AND
  • [10.43] Every single one of us needs multiple income streams
    • Your Primary Stream of income HAS TO make you financially independent
    • Project Income is your second stream
    • At Risk income
    • Side Hustle Income
  • [15.07] So let’s look at some examples

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“As soon as we make some money, we are desperate to outsource it to those who are naturally talented at it.’ – Lisa Linfield

“Your number one goal is to first make sure that you’re financially independent. And only after that do you then focus on doing the stuff for love, for the rest of your life.” – Lisa Linfield

“Many creatives are purists, and want to, from day one ONLY do the work they love.” – Lisa Linfield

“Every single one of us needs multiple income streams.” – Lisa Linfield

“Side Hustle’s are hard, especially the ones that will become your future business. That’s why you’re exceptionally lucky as a creative – because you know what you love doing already. And that will give you the energy to work on it.” – Lisa Linfield