In your quest to living your Best Life, are you struggling to build good habits? Then let me introduce you to your new best friend – Temptation Bundling!

Using the brain science of habits to explain how (and WHY) it works, in today’s episode I’ll tell you all about the genius of temptation bundling.

Whether in relation to your health, wealth or relationships, when you’re needing to come up with the motivation to do something all by yourself, it’s a game changer.

Show Notes

  • [01.06] A little story
  • [04.15] The Science of Habits
  • [07.50] The very next thing
  • [09.08] Temptation Bundling
  • [10.52] Temptation Bundling and your money
  • [13.45] It’s all about the AND

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“Because success in life is due to the habits we implement daily, it’s important to work out how to start and maintain habits we will keep.” – Lisa Linfield

“As humans we are better at inertia – keeping things going that are going, and staying stuck when we’re stuck.” – Lisa Linfield

“Often we need help to make the first move… then once we have momentum, the rest follows.” – Lisa Linfield