164 How to discover YOUR leadership style with Jenn Donahue

Are you a rising leader who longs to achieve your greatest potential? Discover YOUR leadership style and learn to lead under any kind of pressure.

Jenn Donahue – Navy veteran, civil engineer and business founder – believes that the key to developing your leadership style is to first know yourself, then to know your team, and then to take the time to build trust.

Show Notes

  • [01.34] A career in the military and a passion for leadership.
  • [03.22] Leadership in the Navy.
  • [04.15] Figuring out what kind of leader you are.
  • [06.17] A different way to lead.
  • [07.43] The steps to take to be a better leader.
  • [09.37] Implementing who YOU are as a leader.
  • [12.42] Building trust within your team.
  • [14.07] Research and the three traits of leadership.
  • [16.18] A shift in leadership styles in both corporates and the military.
  • [19.29] Combining selfless leaders with high performance.
  • [21.22] Practical advice when assuming a new leadership role.
  • [22.37] Listen and learn.
  • [25.17] Dispelling myths about the younger generation.
  • [27.07] The benefits of leadership training.
  • [29.10] The rules of engagement when working in a team.
  • [32.07] Transforming an industry.
  • [34.00] The importance of timing.
  • [35.44] Accelerating too quickly.

Learn more about Jenn

Jenn has a new book coming out next year, but in the meantime you can get in touch with her via LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. Alternatively, contact Jenn via her website.

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“It all starts with understanding who you are.” – Jenn Donahue

“Starting with the team, you have to earn trust.” – Jenn Donahue

“As a leader, it’s not about you anymore, it’s about the team.” – Jenn Donahue

“People are not necessarily looking for those bold, fearless leaders. They want to follow somebody who is empathetic and cares for them.” – Jenn Donahue

“You can have really high performing teams, if you are a selfless leader as well.” – Jenn Donahue

“Get to know your team.” – Jenn Donahue

“The rule is, that it’s the team that gets the last person over the line, that wins” – Lisa Linfield

“Do the best job that you can, in your current job.” – Jenn Donahue

“I think there is nothing more damaging to a person than accelerating too quickly.” – Lisa Linfield

“If we concentrate on being the best we can, we will get noticed for that.” – Jenn Donahue