Drowning in emails? Is your inbox just another to-do list that you’re not getting around to tackling? Recognising that many people felt the same way, teacher turned businesswoman, Claire Giovino  founded InboxDone, a company of Remote Inbox Managers who do it all for you.

If you are looking for a way to commercialise what YOU know, listen in on my conversation with Claire about her journey to six figures in 11 months. There’s no reason that you can’t do it too!

Show Notes

  • [00.59] Claire talks about the journey to InboxDone.
  • [03.13] Growing your business  – the value of partnering with someone with an existing network.
  • [04.47] Reducing the pain of your Inbox.
  • [06.31] Hiring someone to do what you can do.
  • [08.13] Managers to manage managers.
  • [09.10] InboxDone.
  • [10.02] Scaling a business.
  • [11.18] Recruiting for emotional intelligence.
  • [12.11] Finding the courage to take the first step.
  • [16.00] Choosing relationships you want to invest in.
  • [17.29] The importance of having a mentor.
  • [18.13] Financial lessons from running a business. (TOP TIP: Create a business buffer!)
  • [22.19] Some hard lessons in business.

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“Each client I had, my whole goal was to make them extremely happy so that they would then send referrals my way.” – Claire Giovino

“When you start something, it’s so easy to become the bottleneck.” – Claire Giovino

“Solid, strong systems are the best foundation.” – Claire Giovino

“I look at business though, as just constant never-ending problem solving. It’s like a learning curve that never ends.” – Claire Giovino

“You don’t need to tell me what your values are, I can seem them in your money.” – Lisa Linfield

“So you make one decision now, and it saves you all those micro-decisions for forever. And you can do that with anything: in an inbox; in a business. Create all the rules upfront now. Create the systems now. And then it saves you. Cause we only have a limited amount of decision power in any given day.” – Claire Giovino