Despite all your hard work and good intentions, do you find that your business is not growing at the rate you think it should? You can more than likely blame your subconscious mind, but in the meantime, troubleshoot it with intentionality!

My guest today, Melanie Scott, explains how to use intentionality to create an aligned product, and ultimately a sustainable business. She also talks about the importance of trusting your gut, and ways that you can activate your intuition.

Show Notes

  • [02.21] Creating a sustainable business – the intentionality equation that results in an aligned product
  • [03.08] The tendency towards autopilot, and what you can add to change it
  • [04.01] The power of the subconscious mind, and a tip for how you can counter it
  • [05.48] Taking action – how setting intentions is merely a starting point
  • [07.29] Focus vs. Intention (with a note on the fluidity of intentionality)
  • [10.20] When setting intentions (and banging your head against the wall) isn’t working… What you can do instead
  • [12.32] Utilising the journaling process to help you get unstuck
  • [14.24] Being intentional about listening, and how it could help you maintain momentum in your business.  (With a reminder to read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert)
  • [16.36] Learning to listen to your gut.
  • [19.13] Further tools to activate your intuition
  • [23.07] A calling to greatness, and the many paths to one destination
  • [25.12] Ways to begin to identify your calling
  • [27.10] The first step is the hardest, but the magic is in the journey
  • [29.45] Remember to TAKE STOCK!
  • [32.28] Intentionality and your business

Learn more about Melanie

To find out more about growing an intentional business, head on over to Melanie’s website. You’ll also find links to her podcast – Intentional Conversations.

Alternatively, connect with Melanie on Instagram.

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Quotes from this episode

“Whether it’s growing a business or growing a life, intentionality is everything.” – Melanie Scott

“Let’s intentionally focus on something and not let the past run us, or make decisions.” – Melanie Scott

“There’s a sense of having to be open, and allowing: it’s this or something more aligned.” – Melanie Scott

“When we’re in alignment, things are flowing.” – Melanie Scott

“The truth is, there’s so much power inside each of us.” – Melanie Scott

“Most the time, underneath that sentence of ‘I don’t know,’ is the answer.” – Melanie Scott

“Part of it is to remove the fixation on the end point, and go with the journey.” – Lisa Linfield