Have you taken an inventory of your finances recently? Or are you scared of what you’ll find when you do? Sometimes all you need is a little support to get you started… The truth is, you CAN change your money in 6 days!

Find your REAL financial starting point, and the REAL reason you are where you are. Create your OWN plan to stop the worry that’s draining you. Only when you know where you are, can you know how to get to where you want to go next.

Show Notes

  • [00.28] The power of the little things.
  • [02.27] The 6 day money sprint. The help you need to get your money under control.
  • [03.07] Change your money by being honest with yourself and taking accountability.
  • [05.44] You don’t have to do it alone!
  • [06.29] Energy leaks.
  • [07.33] If you want to get things down, you need four things:
    • an accountability partner;
    • a strong why (or why not);
    • a good teacher and a step-by-step plan;
    • to become organised and be prepared.

Join us in kickstarting YOUR financial freedom! You CAN change your money in 6 days.

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Quotes from this episode

“The challenge is that every single day that goes by that you are not working towards a solution is a day more that that worry will eat away at your energy and your confidence.” – Lisa Linfield

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Speaker 1:                           00:00                     Welcome to Working Women’s Wealth, where we discuss what it takes to build real wealth in a way normal humans can understand. Here’s your host, Lisa Linfield.

Lisa Linfield:                       00:21                     Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s episode of Working Women’s Wealth. I so often hear people dismiss the power of the little things. They dismiss the power of investing small amounts of money every month. “It’s such a little,” they say, “It won’t make a difference.” They dismiss the power of 20 minutes of exercise in a day. They dismiss the power of a quick message to your mum to tell her you love her. But I’ve learned that in life, it’s the little things done consistently over time that change the world. It’s never the big things. Never get rich quick scheme, never the crash diet, never the amazing fancy dinner with your mum followed by no communication for a year.

Lisa Linfield:                       01:18                     Whilst these things may make a difference in the very short term, they are never life-long behavioral changes, and it’s frustrating. You see in this world of instant gratification, it seems almost counterintuitive that we can’t just do one big thing, wave one magic wand, and it will achieve what a little million stapes could. We believe there has to be a more efficient way. There has to be a way that even if we paid more, we can get a bigger result.

Lisa Linfield:                       01:53                     So whilst there is absolutely no quick fix for health, wealth, or relationships, sometimes we just need someone to help us kickstart the process to show us where to start, how to start, and be clear on each step we need to take. And I found that if you kickstart it in the right way, it can be that one important domino that sits off in motion, and number of daily actions that will step change your life forever.

Lisa Linfield:                       02:27                     So at the request of many of you, I’m putting together a free six-day sprint that you can sign up and join any time, that will help you to get your money under control. Supported by me and a great Facebook community. Each day you’ll get a task to complete to get you on that road of getting on top of your finances, so that 2020 is the year where your money takes off like a rocket towards financial freedom. You can watch the videos or listen to the audios, learn in a way that suits you.

Lisa Linfield:                       03:08                     One of the key elements to shifting any form of behavior is to know exactly where you’re starting from, and where you need to go, and what steps you need to take along the way. But one of the biggest challenges is that we are not very good, and I speak clearly for myself here, at being brutally honest with ourselves as to where we are. We’re not good at taking full accountability as to why we get there, but what I’ve learned is that if we are blaming others or the world out there, we are unable to change our situation. Why? Because we can’t change another human being. We can only change us.

Lisa Linfield:                       03:55                     It’s the gift. The weirdest thing about taking accountability is as hard as it is to admit our responsibility, and as hard as it is to look entirely at ourselves, only at ourselves, it is absolutely the key that unlocks any form of change because it puts us in control of our destination. You see, if we’re not brutally honest with where we’re starting from, because we hold onto the many good reasons that we tell ourselves and others as to why we’re in the position we find ourselves now, then we take the wrong actions. Why? Because it’s kind of like trying to heal a sore ankle with cream when in fact it’s broken and actually needs surgery and pins in to help that little bone heal.

Lisa Linfield:                       04:51                     So, by being real with yourself as to the reasons why you’re in the situation you’re in, it then enables you to put in place the right steps to get you back on track. When it comes to money, it’s actually quite simple to work out where you are, to work out how big the gap is, and to work out where you need to be and what you need to do to get there. Why? Because the numbers don’t lie.

Lisa Linfield:                       05:19                     The challenge is people avoid completely even getting to that point because they know that the answer is scary. But once we all eat through that shock, that real state of being, then we’re in full control, and then we’re able to make choices and take action steps on how to get there. More often than not, I found that people actually need someone to help them kickstart this process and to work with them to plan out the steps they need to take. It feels so overwhelming to try and navigate the world of personal finance by yourself that just the beginning steps is enough to get people moving into action.

Lisa Linfield:                       06:07                     But as I said, many people don’t take those first steps when it comes to their finances because they’re scared of the answer. In reality, they know the answer. They know that they’re behind on their savings, but they just don’t want to see that in black and white because somehow it seems so real. The challenge is that every single day that goes by, that you are not working towards a solution, is a day more that that worry will eat away at your energy, and your confidence. I call them energy leaks and it’s the real scary part about doing nothing, because as much as you try to dig your head in the sand, your subconscious knows that you’re not acting, not taking control, and so you will never have peace of mind.

Lisa Linfield:                       07:01                     Sometimes that reality check is enough to spring someone into action to change their money. Sometimes understanding the consequences on your children and family of not taking control is what it takes, but sometimes knowing that someone will hold your hand through the steps is just that gentle piece of encouragement that you may need, that you don’t have to face it alone. For others, it’s having a clear vision of the future you want. We cover all of this in The 6 Day Money Sprint.

Lisa Linfield:                       07:34                     As I always say, if you want to get things done, you need four things. Firstly, an accountability partner. Secondly, a strong why or why not. Thirdly, a good teacher and a step by step plan to show you the path. And forth, to become organized or be prepared. So if you join us for the six day sprint, myself and our Facebook community will hold you accountable to find your real financial start point. And the real reason that you are where you are will help you to understand what you need to do to put in place the steps to financial freedom and enable you to start taking those action steps. The six days will help you get organized and be prepared for this journey so that you can create your own plan to stop that worry that’s draining your precious energy.

Lisa Linfield:                       08:30                     So sign up at www.6daysprint.com, that’s the number six, 6daysprint.com. Or go to the show notes of this episode and you can sign up. I can’t wait to get to know you and support you through this journey. So, take a moment. Signup, 6daysprint.com, the number six, and join us in kickstarting your financial freedom. I’m Lisa Linfield and this is Working Women’s Wealth. Take care and have a great week.