43 – The value of creating family-preneurs with Meg Brunson

How do ‘mom-preneurs’ balance building their passion business and still raise healthy and happy kids? Or, on the flip side of the coin, have you ever hoped to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in your kids?

We chat with Meg Brunson, podcast host of the FamilyPreneur and a super mom to four girls. Meg never set out to be an entrepreneur. A former Facebook employee, she decided to supplement her income with a side business. Meg talks with us about her journey, how this changed her family, and the lessons she and her family learned along the way.

Show notes

  • The challenges of balancing family while nurturing your business
  • The family dynamic of working from home
  • The ‘AND’ and not the ‘OR’ – the importance of having a second income or a side-hustle
  • Carving out a business while being fully employed
  • Your value proposition and your target audience – ‘there is riches in the niches’
  • Failure is a stepping stone on the path of success – ‘failing forward’
  • You define what makes you a successful mom – stop feeling guilty!
  • Finding age-appropriate ways to involve your children in growing your business
  • Teaching your kids to adapt to your clear working boundaries
  • Teaching the basic principles of business and leadership
  • Applying such principles to your child’s passion project and monetizing this passion
  • Leveraging technology and the internet of things
  • Creating KidPreneurs
  • Gifting your children with the opportunity to explore their life passion and career options outside of mainstream careers

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