54 The power in quick brave targets

I sit back in awe and pinch myself! I have just launched my FIRST online course, The 30-Day Side Hustle Challenge. If you had told me a year ago that I would present the WORLD with my very own course, I would have laughed at you!

I had an epiphany to take my passion of teaching people how to earn their financial freedom one step further. I wanted to give everyone I knew the tools to create a profitable side hustle from scratch – and with minimal capital outlay of course! After all, I teach people to be brave and to have the courage to own their financial destiny. So, to turn my dream into a reality, I employed my number one tactic of getting things done – I declared it PUBLICLY. This meant I was accountable to YOU to get it done.

The response has been overwhelming. I underestimated the hunger of people to change their lives. But I was naïve to think it would be a simple exercise. I had one challenge after the other. And I was rushing against time to meet a 3-week deadline! As they always say, if we knew what it would take to get anything worth doing done, we would never start anything!

But my battle isn’t over just yet…

Show notes

  • My epiphany and burst of inspiration to create and market my online course
  • My idea, content, podcast reveal and behind-the-scenes videos
  • The journey of a masterpiece in motion – or so I thought!
  • My personal tsunami – my buoyant creative optimism was smacked into reality.
  • I underestimated the hunger of people to change their lives
  • Getting my head in the game and leading by example – ready or not!
  • My challenge: building a course in three weeks
  • To produce a top-quality online training course takes a huge amount of work that I had no clue about
  • This included numerous iterations of scripts, presentation slides, video recording and external editing
  • My steep learning curve into world of online courses
  • The time of work outweighs the time that participants will listen and complete the work!
  • The challenge of balancing my day job, my wealth management company, and my side hustle epiphany!
  • I employed my number one tactic of getting things done – I declared it publically
  • As a strategist at heart, I can see the vision, but I need deadlines to make it happen
  • The relevance of being accountable to someone drives the process forward
  • I’d spent over $25,000 on Working Women’s Wealth and I needed to break even or shut down my mission to teach a million women about money
  • If you set yourself a goal, make sure you deliver on it!
  • Your voice of confidence must be louder than your voice of doubt
  • Be brave and have the courage to follow through
  • Focus on whether it’s possible, not whether it’s probable!
  • Building my Beta group that provides valuable feedback
  • I set clear objectives of what I was testing and hoping to achieve
  • In other words, could someone follow each step, each day, and sell something online in 30 days?
  • The euphoria of getting it right! I launched the course with minimal hiccups.
  • But it left one very BIG problem unsolved – listen to part 2 in two weeks’ time

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