023 – Wealth Manager and CEO Sunel Veldtman

Sunel Veldtman chats to us about starting up her wealth management business and how women are different to men in terms of money management.  She also shares her wisdom on wealth creation and management.

Show notes

  • How the stories she grew up with influenced Sunel’s own money – and the layers of thinking she’s discovering as she travels through life
  • The foundational principles that Sunel’s dad taught her
  • The huge dream she had for helping people with their money and how she transitioned from corporate to having her own business
  • The fears she had to overcome, and the support she got to start her business
  • The great lesson she learnt that we can all benefit from during the first 3 years of her business
  • What she did right to serve her clients from the start
  • How she got into teaching women about money
  • The difference between how women manage money to men
  • What happens when your husband dies or leaves you, and now you’re the one looking after the money
  • How to make sure your money flows the right things
  • How to start investing and manage your money
  • Why she wrote her practical book Manage Your Money and Life Your Dream
  • The skills you need to build a business, vs the skills you need to take it to the next level.
  • What she’d tell her 20 year old self

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