47 – She’s back! How to return back to work with Lisa Unwin

Have you ever taken a career break? Or drastically changed professions in the middle of your career? Or maybe you want to re-enter the workforce? There are many reasons why we may need to step back from our careers. But we often find it difficult and daunting to re-enter the workplace and get our careers back on track, particularly at the level that we left.

We speak with Lisa Unwin, founder and author of “She’s Back”. Whether you are at the beginning, middle or nearing the end of your career, Lisa offers practical advice and tools to navigate your career in the age of economic, social and technological disruption.

Show notes

  • Real and perceived barriers of entry
  • Lisa’s “Manifesto of Women”
    • Make peace that your career will not be a direct trajectory – be agile and flexible
    • Appreciate that work adds value to your life – the people you meet, the skills you learn, the intellectual and financial stimuli, etc.
    • Your value is not defined by your career or the work you do
    • Build your confidence
  • Lisa’s top tips
    • Deal with your demons and clear your mind clutter
    • Build and articulate your personal brand – elevate your pitch so everyone knows exactly what you want
    • Mobilise your network
    • Make lots of connections on LinkedIn
  • We should not wait for government to change legislation or organisations to change their culture
  • Countries cannot economically afford to have a highly educated population not economically active
  • We live longer so we need to work longer – and the benefits of compound interest!
  • The difficulty of retirement when there is only one income
  • Sustaining a career when your children are young
  • The balancing act of professional achievement, inflexibility and long hours with a quality of life
  • Gender pay gaps, ageism and short-termism in personal decision-making
  • Our flawed market value equation when calculating the cost of working vs. the cost of staying away
  • Negotiating to peg your salary when you downscale hours of work
  • Recruitment processes and tracking systems
  • Opportunities to make a passive income or monetise your passion project
  • Play the long game – you may have to make immediate sacrifices for the long-term gain!

Learn more about Lisa Unwin

You can read more about Lisa on her website and you can buy her book She’s Back on Amazon.

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