035 – Setting and achieving your goals with goal expert Brittany Hoopes

Goal expert, Brittany Hoopes, chats to Lisa about frameworks for setting and achieving your goals, and how you deal with the road blocks that come when the reality of life meets the dreams of our goals.  She takes us through what to do when we lose all hope, and how to achieve the recurring ‘new year’s resolution’ type goals such as losing weight and saving more.   Brittany shares with us her personal goal success rate and the golden thread that goes through great goal setters.  Soultiply is her podcast and also the name of  her company that does qualitative research on goal setting and achievement.

Shownotes on goals

  • Qualitative research takes a scientific approach to interview based insight on goal setting
  • What happens when a road block comes up when we are pursuing a goal
  • Why we all hit a road blocks – the major insight about our loss of agency
  • How do I channel my energy and remain organised around this goal?
  • The rule book that changes from school and university to a corporate or entrepreneurial career
  • How do we manage the thoughts and emotions that block our success?
  • The 3 major mental obstacles we face that our education doesn’t give us
  • One of the major reasons people don’t create goals – and the 3 steps to take if you suffer this
  • What to do when you’ve lost all hope with your goals – and how to build resilience
  • The mantra all of us need – I can do hard things
  • The framework for achieving goals we find we’ve set year after year (eg this year i’ll lose weight, or this year i’ll save more)
  • Whether your personality type affects your chance of achieving your goal – and how you ensure you reach your goal
  • The whole brain (HBDI) approach to goal setting
  • What Brittany does herself to achieve her own goals – and what % of her goals she’s achieved (hint:  I was so encouraged at her percentage)
  • How to focus on the actions that are in your control – even when things aren’t in your control
  • The golden thread that goes through successful goal setting
  • “Let’s believe in the fact that the the end goal is going to be what it’s supposed to be, and let’s commit to the journey in the present moment”
  • How to balance the future vision of goal setting; the present enjoyment of the journey; and the lessons of the past
  • How identity impacts goal setting
  • How millenials are different in terms of their goal setting experience and the unique challenges they set

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