022 Why you need a second income

It takes time to build a second income – and starting now ensures that we’re not part of the 94% of people who can’t retire or who are having to drastically reduce their living expenses or get their children to pay for them in their retirement years.

Lisa Linfield shares her long term goals for her second income stream and how she plans to ‘glide’ into retirement… and why ‘forced retirement’ from corporates is such a challenge to so many 60 year olds.

Show notes

  • Financial Freedom is the ability to choose where, when and IF you want to work.
  • You’re able to do this if you have enough passive income to generate the monthly income
  • Only 6% of people are able to retire at the same level of income they had before they retired
  • The heartbreak of telling people they are part of the 94% that can’t retire and will need to drastically cut their expenses
  • The advantage of starting a second income NOW
  • The challenge of a forced retirement when employed by a corporate
  • The great opportunity of ‘gliding into retirement’
  • Why I started Working Women’s Wealth
  • My La-La Land goals – and I share my ultimate dream (YIKES!!!!) – the ultimate act of courage to voice it publically!
  • The first goal to achieve
  • The key to success
  • Living our best lives possible is the reason why we are brave enough to live our dreamswhy

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