41 – Resilience: overcoming the impossible with Gloria Mitchell

Resilience is the ability to overcome life’s setbacks by making an active decision to fight back and overcome them. It is not easy or fun but it is worth it!

Financial resilience is a muscle that must be actively trained because it helps us to stick to our long-term goals like saving for your children’s future or for your retirement. This type of resilience will help you to quickly adapt and work through financial difficulties that we often don’t expect like losing your job or going through a divorce.

We talk to Gloria Mitchell who has walked an extraordinary path from being homeless to receiving an MBA at Stanford University. Gloria’s passion is to help people overcome the roadblocks that hold them back from living fulfilling lives.

Show notes

  • The art of resilience and defying all odds
  • The gap between intention and reality
  • The importance of education to advance yourself and gain stability
  • Changing the narrative from probable to possible
  • Tapping into the power of desperation to motivate yourself to succeed
  • Ask for help and having an ‘accountability partner’
  • Mapping a specific plan for your future that keeps you focused
  • Planning without pride
  • Going beyond corporate life and wanting to do more
  • Developing a robust ‘WHY’ value proposition to change your life

Gloria’s gift to us!

Download Gloria’s manual written just for us.

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Gloria Mitchell

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