015 Princess AND Warrior – rethinking the stories we’re told with Wendy Pienaar

This week’s episode features Wendy Pienaar, Banking Executive at one of the largest African Banks in South Africa.  Starting in a global consulting firm, and then moving into the banking world, she’s spent her career building and growing women.  We discuss life as a female leader in the corporate world, and how each one of us can build empathy and the women around us.  In addition to leadership and career, she discusses raising 4 girls, and the challenges of building women as warriors AND princesses.

Show Notes

  • The influence of great female role models
  • How important working with men (both partners and colleagues) to understand the needs of women in the workplace
  • How we as women can do these 4 easy things to support other women in the corporate world
  • As a female leader, understanding how men and women manage conflict and how to support both to reach a collaborating style of conflict management in your team
  • Understanding the Princess Culture and the stories our culture tells our children through cartoons, movies and other stories (and the research to back it)… and the impact this has on our perceptions of women, their career vs life choices and leadership
  • The alternative story – girls as warriors with purpose
  • True beauty as courage and braveness, curiosity, empathy and kindness
  • Raising girls in this day and age to be both confident and assertive with feeling and kindness
  • Senior leadership as a women
  • Understanding REAL empathy
  • How to deal with the dropping out of women from the workplace after having children and the half-day challenge
  • The amazing change impact single mums and single women are having on the workplace
  • Developing grit in our girls, and the powerful impact playing team sports has on girl children

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